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In South Africa we commonly define Southern Africa as Africa south of the Cunene and Zambezi rivers. I have photographed in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique as well as Zambia and Madagascar. My undoubted favourite of all the countries I have ever visited is, however, Namibia with its red Namib desert and wonderful coastline, not to mention Etosha Game reserve. The greatest hike I have had was down the dry river bed of the Ugab River till it reached the sands of the Skeleton Coast.

For a photographer the quality of the light is always interesting and challenging. Much of the year is spent under a blazing cloudless sky with unfailing photographic sunsets that are over in a few minutes – ‘the great South African cliché’ my friend Struan Robertson the photographer calls them.

In Namaqualand – a semi-desert where the brief spring heralds a show of spectacular wild flowers for a few weeks - photography is particularly difficult because the flowers only open after the sun is high in the sky.

The small indigenous coastal forests hardly exist anymore but the grasslands seem to go on forever – a vista of grasses, succulents and thorn trees. Including the acacias that form the basis for our logo.

Allan Paton’s comment is constantly repeated ‘Ah but your land is Beautiful’