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michael goldblatt

Started photography while at school in Bloemfontein and remained a hobbyist until 1984 when he decided to become a full time photographer.

In 1984 he and Adele Gordon established Phototeach, a Johannesburg-based organisation designed to teach photography. It was the first South African privately run photographic teaching organisation based on the American system of photographic workshops. Phototeach also ran three week full-time courses teaching photography to unemployed youths and adults.

During 1984 he became the photographer for an organisation in Sandton which led to his later working for the Alexandra Primary Health Clinic situated in Alexandra Township near Sandton.
In 1995 some of his photographs for Alexandra Clinic were exhibited at the Bensusan Museum of Photography in Johannesburg under the title ‘The Critical Years; Alex Clinic 1984 – 1994’

He has practiced as a documentary photographer with particular interest in the natural environment.

In 2000 he moved to Cape Town where he has continued photographing matters of personal interest including an ongoing investigation into the effects of aging in men.

adele gordon

Besides running Phototeach with Michael Goldblatt, Adele has taken photographs of schools and their communities since the late 1970’s. Photography was an inherent part of her activities to initiate education projects with communities. Her images capture the experiences of communities, learners and teachers as they dealt first with Bantu education and then with the changes made to transform education into an effective, democratic system that provides education for all.

Her work has been exhibited at various venues and her photographs used to illustrate a range of books. She was commissioned to take photographs for ‘Emerging Voices’, a book published by the Nelson Mandela Foundation in 2005.